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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 22, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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vogelsong struck out nine batters to win his second game of the series. he had --. [ inaudible ] if giants win tonight they host the tigers when the world series starts wednesday. tonight's action gets underway at 5. cain will start against the cardinals. we'll check in with mike and
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ask about the weather for that. he want to see your fan photos. send your pictures to ureport. or share them on our facebook page or twitter. 4:35. santa clara authorities reviewing a brawl that broke out during halftime at yesterday's soccer match between the earthquakes and galaxy. when the second half started viewers had no idea what happened in the stands. spectators saw fans fighting and lobbing smoke bombs at santa clara university's new 18,000 seat stadium. . the brawl involved rival fans for the galaxy and earthquakes. >> [ inaudible ] >> it took nearly two dozen
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police officers from three cities to break things up. some fans were swinging at officers. one smoke bomb was thrown in the middle of the commotion. 100 fans were ejected from the stadium. police made seven arrests including one for battery on a police officer. developing news in pittsburg. police investigating fatal shooting near buchanan road and railroad avenue. police were called last night around 9:30 and found a shooting victim on the sidewalk. the man died despite cpr efforts by paramedics. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. in oakland today, the jury is set to begin first day of deliberations in the michelle le murder case. giselle esteban is charged with killing le because she blamed her for moving in on her boyfriend.
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teenager will be sentenced for recklessly running down a father and his 9-year-old daughter in concord. david rowe could receive more than seven years. -- under juvenile law he must be released when he turns 21. rosen is 18 now. last month he pleaded guilty to two counts of felony vehicular manslaughter. time for more on the weather forecast. >> we'll talk to mike and your game time forecast. right now we are getting -- [ inaudible ] in the heart of the bay even yellow starting to move in -- [ inaudible ]
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watch out richmond sunol to possibly vallejo. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] mid to upper 50s coast into san francisco upper 50s to mid 60s for the rest of us. scattered showers during the afternoon -- [ inaudible ] the next three to four days today rain this morning, showers in the afternoon, showers possible again tuesday and wednesday and then
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thursday we start to see drying trend warmer -- [ inaudible ] good news, san mateo bridge open next weekend's closure cancelled. "sig alert" in calistoga area highway 29 -- [ inaudible ] wires down blocking lanes. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ]
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sue, thank you. gunman goes on shooting rampage in a spa. next, what we are learning about his connection to that business and the trouble he had been in before. big decision just announced that seals lance armstrong's ban from cycling. >> first this morning's tech bites. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] úd
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[ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ] lighter rain even drizzle fell towards the western sections of contra costa county. heaviest rain in the north bay. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ]
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4:43. new details on the man who killed three and wounded four at spat where his wife worked. police say he just received a four year restraining order to keep away from his wife. radcliffe houghton took his own life this shooting. his wife received a restraining order thursday after he slashed tires on her car all seven shot were women. cycling's ruling body announced a short time ago that lance armstrong will be stripped of his seven tour de france titles. the union made the decision this morning after u.s. anti-doping agency issued a report that paints armstrong as a long time drug chief. armstrong has denied using performance-enhancing drugs but stepped down -- [ inaudible ] advertisers have dropped their
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contracts with him. new -- electronic locks are being picked by thieves. --. [ inaudible ] [ inaudible ]
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last minute preparations underway right now for the third and final presidential debate. while the focus is supposed to be foreign policy both campaigns are vowing something else will dominate. preview from florida, coming up. out of this world discovery in novato. the big rock within homeowner claims a meteorite from i'm only in my 60's...
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president obama and mitt romney face off tonight in their final debate with focus on foreign policy. the outcome could turn on a single mistake. brandi hitt reports from florida. [ inaudible ] >> it took the president 14 days before he called attack in benghazi an act of terror. >> get the transcript. >> reporter: they are expected to spar again over attack on
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the consulate in libya. iran will also be a hot topic after "the new york times" reported the u.s. and iran have agreed to one-on-one talks. >> iran think they can go harder. >> reporter: the white house quickly denied a meeting is set. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: president obama has been preparing for the debate at camp david. >> figure out which of their players is best and take 'em out early. >> reporter: the president has a five point lead among registered voters. another poll shows the race is a dead heat. >> i had a question. >> reporter: instead of circling each other the candidates will be sitting. brandi hitt, abc news,
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florida. tonight's debate is set to begin 6 p.m. our time, watch it live right here on abc 7. in addition to the presidential race there are big state and local issues on the ballot. alameda county will hold a special drive outside the registrar's office. you have to reregister if you moved or changed your name since the last election. record number of san francisco residents have registered to vote. 489,000, about 77% of city residents who are eligible to vote breaking the old record. time for a look at the weather. what were conditions like when you came in? >> wet roads. i didn't get showers who is mike? >> it picks up when i go out
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of cal cut and started to come into the bay -- in the caldecott and started to come into the bay. golden gate bridge south out of marin where the heaviest rain is now in the north bay all that is going to slide south it is wet in a lot of areas. sue is covering a lot of accidents. you can see around san pablo, richmond across the richmond san rafael bridge,. there's more to the north as we look at last three hours this is going to be heavy north bay event through the morning while the rest of us will be dealing with showers and lighter rain until we get that cold front to sweep it south. just about any of us unless you are around san jose possibly south, may escape the rain i think there's chances
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you will get some too. 50s out there, it is going to be crazy, first rainfall of the year always is. around monterey bay low to mid 50s. going to be breezy all day, steady rain this morning, more scattered showers during the afternoon, unstable air mass tomorrow and wednesday which means more waves of showers through that. then wilt start to dry out thursday and -- then it will start to dry out thursday and become warmer. today 50s and 60s mid to upper 50s coast, san francisco possibly san mateo and richmond, napa, everybody else low to mid 60s. monterey bay around the bay upper 50s upper 50s to low 60s inland. tonight during the overnight hours we can't escape wet weather, cooler than this morning, upper 40s to mid 50s. warm front bringing rain, warm sector now that's why winds
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out of the southwest, cold front will push that south, look for rain to pick up around the heart of the bay after the morning rush. then pushing down into the south bay during the afternoon hours. get on the back side of that cold front, we could get showers, a clap of thunder possible, kind of remote at this point for tuesday and wednesday more scattered showers temperatures below average. showers move north thursday, friday through sunday temperatures close to where they should be dry. for the morning hours, wet. good morning. first major rain brings oils from the highway there's a lot of spin-outs now. san jose north 87 at 101 farther north from here accident partially blocking ramp, north 87. "sig alert" in calistoga area highway 29 old locally toll
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road, wires down in all lanes there. eastbound 4 hillcrest, standing water. detour in place. new accident west 580 at harrison oakland area ing two left lanes expect delays past that scene. westbound 580 dublin area west at foothill on-ramp blocked with truck fire traffic having to get around on the shoulder south 280 el monte accident blocking the left lane of traffic. nasa scientists recovered first chunk of that meteor seen streaking across the bay area sky last week. take a look, small dark grey rock hit the roof of a novato bounced, ended up on the ground. the homeowner heard a loud thud that night.
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scientists say the meteorite is in pristine shape and confirm that's what it is they hope to learn more. bet it was bigger than that traveling through the atmosphere. >> they hope to find more chunks in that area. the bay area is waking up to wet and cold conditions this morning. we are on the storm watch with live team coverage. >> a lot of power outages we'll tell you more about that. also, amazing giants' action. we are live with fans reaction. >> how you can help the family of a fallen bay area highway patrol officer today and enjoy
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